Kanamoto Fecon Hassyu Construction Equipment Rental JSC (KFH) is a company major in construction equipment for rent.

KFH was established on June 2015 by cooperation of four companies:

 Kanamoto Co., Ltd: a leading enterprise in Japan with more than 50 years of history in construction equipment for rent. At present, Kanamoto owns more than 500,000 construction equipment with approximately 460 models basically newly produced or produced after 2000. Headquartered in Japan with more than 450 subsidiaries, Kanamoto is actively expanding market in 7 Asian countries including Vietnam.

FECON JSC: is the leading enterprise in Vietnam major in foundation engineering and underground construction area with more than 10 years of operation and development. FECON offers solutions, products and services to meet the needs of customers and investors from the first stage such as geotechnical consultancy; geological survey; foundation testing, design; supply and do construction process to the final stage which is observation.

    Hassyu Vietnam JSC: a contractor major in execute infrastructure works that requires special equipment with high technique and modern technology. With high capacity of machinery, equipment, finance and people, the company has carried out many large projects, received high evaluation of quality, technique and progress from the investors.

JP Nelson Offshore Services Pte Ltd:a market leader in providing leasing, sales and services of construction equipment for engineering, construction, shipyard/ship building, oil & gas, and offshore industries. JP Nelson has been constantly improving both technologies and product range as well as maintaining service quality according to internationally approved standards.

Based on the cooperation of 4 companies, KFH has been established and operated in the following key areas:

  • Construction machinery and equipment rental
  • Trading, import and export of construction machinery and equipment
  • Technical consultancy related to construction machinery and equipment
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of construction machinery and equipment

With diversified and modern equipment system along with qualified and high professional staff, managers and technical experts, KFH strives for being the leading enterprise and the first choice of construction contractors in Vietnam.


Established in 2015, KFH has focused all its resources on supplying and leasing construction equipment. In April 2017, KFH established a branch in the South; October 2019 established Central Branch. So far, KFH is gradually asserting its prestige and brand name in the field of construction equipment rental in the Vietnamese market.



Mr. Nguyen Quang Hai – General Director Mr. Akihito Tahara – Vice General Director